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About A Woman’s Heart

A Woman’s Heart will be performed on Friday, October 13 at 7:30 pm, Saturday, October 14 at 5 pm, and Sunday, October 15 at 2 pm.

Partelow’s play explores a woman’s emotional life as she faces the challenges of child-rearing, career, love, and loss. Three female actors represent the story’s heroine at different stages of her journey, and a single male actor assumes multiple roles. The actors are Cynthia Harrington, Lee Roscoe, and Rod Owens, as well as the playwright herself. Partelow’s language has been called, “funny, sexy, gutsy and vulnerable.” Directed by Partelow and produced by, the play premiered at the Jacob Sears Library Theater in East Dennis in May and went on to a second successful run at the Cape Cod Museum of Art in August.